How to access user groups in Ubuntu 11.10 – Unity

Hi Everyone. Moved to Ubuntu Oneiric? New to Unity environment? Finding hard to find the options?

Don’t Panic. Everyone will feel the same if they try something new. Most of the people uses user groups in their machine for their work and other personal needs. Most of the thoughts of them are that, Ubuntu creates the groups automatically.

But the answer is NO. The User groups are not a part of the Ubuntu development side. The user account will never create user groups at all. Try searching for user groups and you can’t find it(unless and until you have the gnome package on it). Wanna know about the package which helps you to get the user groups?

Okay. The package that you have to install to get the User Groups is gnome-system-tools.

Just run the following command

apt-get install gnome-system-tools

If you are not logged in as a super user, then add sudo  to the start of the code. (For newbies: Sudo is the command/built-in script that helps you do admin operations).

After installing that, run


That will open the user groups screen for you and you can customize the groups.

Done with creation? Good. Go and enjoy your day with your machine :)


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11 Responses to “How to access user groups in Ubuntu 11.10 – Unity

  1. anthony

    Thanks for posting this. I was wondering where the group settings went off too. I am surprised that Canonical would have removed that.

  2. 汪明衡

    works,thank you.

    • Mohi

      Help as many people as you can and make them do it to some others :)
      Good luck.

  3. Denny

    Thank you for sharing. Very helpful.

  4. very helpfulll
    its works!!!

  5. undifined

    thanks son, you helped me with this 😉

  6. Dimadee

    Thankyou so much for this.

    I can’t believe this was removed. It is these little annoying things that prevent more users crossing over from the dark side (Wi$#*ws)

  7. or you can use GUI way, with gnome-system-tools…:)

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